The WSU Hunger Awareness Initiative began in 2010 as a small-scale effort to fight hunger in Haiti.


As a collaborative effort with my graduate students, the WSU Hunger Awareness Initiative was born to raise awareness of hunger and to study the nature and scope of food insecurity on the WSU campus.


Today, the initiative's replicable five-pillar model enables universities nationwide to create their own initiative in the fight against hunger.



Eat Here! Food Deserts in the 21st Century: panel discussion on March 28, 2013 at the Ulrich Museum of Art


Each of the five pillars contributes to the dynamic structure and overall success of the initiative.


The first pillar is collaboration, the second is media, the third is hunger-related events, and the fourth is scholarship. Finally, in 2013, we added the fifth pillar to the model: community engagement / capacity building.


More information about the initiative is available on our blog:

MAC Graduate Student, Nate Goold created this promotional video to publicize our Fall, 2013 Hunger Awareness Initiative events



Recently, the Kansas Public Health Association awarded me with the Virginia Lockhart Health Education Award in which I remarked on hunger as a public health issue.


Full speech script available here